Is there a student group for post-bacs?

Yes, the Post-Bac Pre-Med Student Group is run by student volunteers.  The student group produces a weekly newsletter of items of interest to PBPM's, arranges social events, and facilitates study groups, among other things.  Post-Bac students may also participate in the Pre-Med Society or Pre-Dent Society facilitated by undergraduate students. 

How do I find out about financial aid?

Questions about financial aid should be addressed to the Office of Student Financial Services

When and how do I register for my courses?

Post-Bac students register during slightly different time periods after the undergraduate students. Email notices are made to Post-Bacs when registration is open for a specific term.  Registration for your first term of study is done by the Pre-Health Office and subsequent registrations are done by the student through the MyAccess system.  

I need to add/drop/withdraw from a course.  What do I do?

Students may use add/drop through MyAccess during the add/drop period at the beginning of each term.  Withdrawals from courses occur after the add/drop period closes with the Add/Drop Form available in the Dean's office.  You may consult the academic calendar on the Registrar's webpage for dates, deadlines, and tuition refund information.  

Who is my advisor?

Dean Meyertholen (epm44) and Mary Beth Connell, M.D. (mb1131) are the advisors for Post-Bac students.