The Process

To qualify for a review from the Georgetown Pre-Med Recommendation Committee, a student must have completed all core pre-med coursework (one year each of major’s-level Biology including BIOL 103, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics). All of these courses must be taken as real college coursework (except for Mathematics where one semester of AP credit may be used). Non-majors coursework, STIA, and NHS coursework is not included except for Human Biology I & II which NHS students may substitute for the year of Biology coursework. Summer school credit (Georgetown or elsewhere) may be used if a full-load (15 credits) is pursued during the academic year, especially if other objectives such as study abroad or double majoring are contemplated. At least 32 credits of major’s-level math/science must be taken at Georgetown. Transfer students and Post-Bac students are expected to take 30 credits in science/math at Georgetown even if they have completed some of the core pre-med coursework elsewhere.

The committee meets to review applications in early June (Session I) for students who have completed the requirements by the end of the spring term, and late August (Session II) for students who are finishing pre-reqs in the summer.  Prior to the meeting, each committee member has examined the application materials of each of the students requesting a recommendation at that time. The Committee does not accept MCAT scores as part of the application. This is to ensure an evaluation independent of, and not influenced by the MCAT and to allow students to choose MCAT exam dates based on their preparation and not on the Committee meeting dates.

After the Committee meets, the Deans prepare the recommendation letter and packet, which includes the committee recommendation letter and the four letters of reference which were submitted for the application. Electronic copies of the recommendation packet are then posted for the student by the Pre-Health office.