Fall 2020

Date and TimeWorkshopLocationPresentation/Notes
August 28th, 5PMGeneral Interviewing Zoom August 2020 PDF
September 2nd, 2020 10AM-7PMPractice Interview Sessions ZoomSign up information sent directly to students applying to professional school this cycle.
October 7th
MCAT Study Tips and LogisticsZoomOctober 2020 PDF;
Spreadsheet with MCAT topics and MCAT study planning tool
October 14th 5pmDAT Study TipsZoomOctober 2020 PDF
November 4th
Writing the Personal Essay ZoomSpring 2020 PDF
November 10th 5pmEAP General Info Session (Soph)Zoom
November 11th
Applying to Physician Assistant ProgramsZoomNovember 2020 PDF
November 18th 5pmApplying to Dentistry ProgramsZoomNovember 2020 PDF
October-NovemberPreparing to Apply to Professional School (Soph)ZoomSmall Groups sign up sent

Spring-Summer 2021

Date and TimeWorkshopLocationPresentation/Notes
January-February 2021Preparing to Apply to Professional School (First Years)ZoomSmall groups sign up
January 2021Preparing to Apply to Medical School and the MCAT Exam (FY/Soph)TBDJanuary 2020 PDF
January 2021Preparing to Apply to Medical School (JR/SR/PB) TBDJanuary 2020 PDF
January 2021EAP applicant information session (Soph)TBD
January 2021Writing the Personal Essay (JR/SR/PB)TBD
January 2021MCAT Study Tips and LogisticsTBD
February 8th, 2021
7pm EST
EAP information session by Georgetown University School of Medicine (Soph)Zoom
February 2021Personal Essay Real Essays Discussion and Peer to Peer FeedbackTBDPlease bring a draft of your essay if you want to get feedback from your peer/s
February 22nd, 2021
7pm EST
Georgetown University School of Medicine Information Session for Pre-med studentsZoom
March 2021Recommendation Letters and the Pre-Health Recommendation Committee (JR/SR/PB)  ZoomMarch 2020 PDF
March 2021Where Should I Apply? (JR/SR/PB)ZoomMarch 2020 PDF
April 2021The AMCAS Application (JR/SR/PB)ZoomApril 2020 PDF
May 2021CASPer ExamZoomJuly 2020 PDF
Scenario example answers

These dates/times/topics are subject to change.
Alumni- please ask Lucy Cherner for the Powerpoints if you cannot access them here.