Letters of Recommendation

Recommendations should be provided from Georgetown professors, supervisors, or health professionals who are able to comment on your professional and educational goals and potential (no friends or relatives).  Letters should address the likelihood of success in your chosen career path in the medical field with reference to character traits that influence that assessment. If you have conducted research with a professor or mentor, a letter from him or her should be included as one of your four letters.  Medical and dental schools will look for a letter from a research mentor where applicable.  If you are applying to osteopathic or podiatric medical schools or dental schools, most admissions committees prefer to see a letter from a professional in that field.  

For the Pre-Med Committee each student must have 4 letters of reference:

  • Two letters from Georgetown faculty in the Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, or Human Science Departments.
  • A third letter from a Georgetown Humanities or Social Sciences faculty member.
  • A fourth letter should come from a Georgetown faculty member, research mentor, or an employer (preferably from a relevant work experience in the health field, research lab, etc.).  This letter should come from a Georgetown faculty member or mentor, but the PMC may consider a non-GU employer’s review. Non-GU references must be approved in advance by a pre-med advisor.  
  • If an approval is necessary please do so before completing the recommendation provider list.  To receive approval contact premed@georgetown.edu with a brief description of who will write the letter and why you want him or her to do so. 

Post-bac applicants may seek the third letter from a Humanities or Social Science faculty from their undergraduate institution. 

How do you get a letter of recommendation from a professor?  You ask for it.  If you have not gotten to know your professors well this is a much harder task.  Be prepared to provide your recommendation writer a copy of your transcript, your resume, or a draft of your personal essay or a statement of purpose.  Some letter writers may want to meet with you before agreeing to write a letter.  Do not expect a letter writer to say yes if you make your request too close to the submission deadline. 

You may give your recommender the “Cover Letter for Letter Writers” and the AAMC’s “Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Evaluation for a Medical School Applicant” documents to assist him or her in formatting, structuring, and submitting the letter.  These documents can be found on the FORMS link on the left. Be sure your letter writer is aware that his or her letter will be submitted to all the medical schools you apply to so that he or she should not make reference to your acceptance to a medical school by name in the letter (unless you have specifically asked him or her to do so and will be submitting this individual letter to a specific school only). 

When you meet with your letter writer you should also confirm his or her preference for submitting the letter to the Pre-Med Committee.  You will be given a choice in the online application of having your recommenders submit “online” or “offline.”  Though we prefer the online method, we understand that some letter writers prefer submitting letters in other ways. 

The Pre-Med Committee will only review the four letters as requested here.  You may if you wish solicit additional letters of recommendation from other faculty, mentors, or employers and submit them as individual letters on your AMCAS application.  Please see the FAQs link on the left for more information about submitting additional letters for your professional school application.