Activities/Experiences Resume

As part of your application to medical school you will be asked to provide information on your work and activities.  The Pre-Med Committee will also review this information for your recommendation letter. The format is based on what is required for the AMCAS medical school application.  We have created a new feature in Hoya360 that allows you to enter all Activities and Experiences you are involved in during your four years at Georgetown.

All pre-med students should enter their activities into their profile as this is the list you will select from for the Pre-Medical Recommendation Committee application in the future.  So if you are a first year, sophomore or not applying this cycle, it will allow you to track your activities on an ongoing basis, assess if you have a strong list, then select which to move to the PMRC application when you are ready to apply.  The link is Instructions for accessing this feature and completing are in the FORMS section on the left menu.  There are always glitches with new systems so contact with difficulties.

You may enter up to 15 significant experiences.  Please try to limit your descriptions to 50-125 words.  You will have the opportunity to expand your descriptions further for your medical school application.  For the AMCAS application you will be given an additional 1325 characters for three activities that you identify as the most significant.

For each entry, choose an experience type from the list below:

  • artistic endeavors
  • community service/volunteer – medical/clinical
  • community service/volunteer – not medical/clinical
  • conferences attended
  • extracurricular activities
  • hobbies
  • honors/awards/recognition
  • intercollegiate athletics
  • leadership – not listed elsewhere
  • military service
  • other
  • paid employment – medical/clinical
  • paid employment – not medical/clinical
  • physician shadowing/clinical observation
  • presentations/posters
  • publications
  • research/lab
  • teaching/tutoring/teaching assistant

For the experience name choose a name for the experience or the title you held.  If this experience has no explicit name choose a name that you feel best describes the experience.

You may enter them in the order that you wish.  They will be automatically arranged for the Pre-Med Committee in chronological order.  On the AMCAS application the entries will be shown in the order they are entered by the applicant, but will be sorted by each medical school’s preference during application review.

For each experience description, you should describe the nature of the organization or experience, what you did or accomplished, and if applicable, what you learned. It is important to describe your experiences clearly and positively. Try to use active verbs to describe your activities. Use numbers and figures to back up your descriptions when possible. Whenever possible, focus on achievements or special responsibilities. Use this space to describe the most meaningful experiences you have had. Quality is more important than quantity so do not worry if you have fewer than 15 experiences.

Some helpful tips:

  • Some experience types (presentations, posters, etc.) require only one date. If the activity is repeated (e.g., occurs each summer for multiple summers) you can list it just once and then use the space beneath the activity to describe the complete durations (e.g., number of weeks per summer and average hours per week).  The AMCAS application will allow you to enter up to four separate date ranges for one activity.  You will also be able to enter future end dates up to the start of the matriculation year.
  • Do the same with multiple awards (e.g., report awards once and then describe multiple awards in the box beneath.)
  • If you are a member of an organization include information such as meetings per week or semester and why you joined the group. If you held multiple positions, list the experience once and describe the positions in the box beneath.
  • You do not need to repeat information in the description box that has already been listed in the boxes (e.g., organization name).
  • If you are listing a research experience that extends through the summer and academic year, be sure to indicate the weeks and average hours per week appropriately (e.g., full-time in the summer, 10 hours per week during the academic year.)
  • Publications that are in preparation or that have been submitted should be included in the description of your research experience. Only list publications that have been accepted (i.e., in print) or that have been published in a separate “publications” box.