How to Apply & Forms

Submit the application package by the stated deadline to the Pre-Health Studies Office, College Dean’s Office, 108 White Gravenor. Application packages should be submitted unfolded in an envelope or file folder on plain white paper printed on one side only, with no staples, tape, paper clips, or binding of any kind. Please submit only the requested materials.

Application materials include a 2-page application, activities and experiences resume, an academic two-year plan, a proposal essay, and four letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation should be submitted directly to the Pre-Health office by the letter writer (108 White-Gravenor or pdf e-mailed to

The 2-page application consists of basic contact and personal information, the names of and contact information of your recommendation letter writers, and consent and waiver information.

The activities and experiences resume is not in the format of a typical resume you might submit for a job interview. This format is based on information required for the AMCAS medical school application. You may enter up to 15 experiences and should focus on those that are significant to you.

For each experience entry, you will choose an experience type such as paid employment – not military; community service/volunteer – medical/clinical; research/lab; teaching/tutoring; conferences attended; extracurricular/hobbies/avocations; etc. Your activities are self-identified so it is up to you to choose the most appropriate experience type for each activity.

In the available space for each experience description, you should describe the nature of the organization or experience, what you did or accomplished, and if applicable, what you learned. It is important to describe your experiences clearly and positively. Try to use active verbs to describe your activities. Use numbers and figures to back up your descriptions and whenever possible, focus on achievements or special responsibilities. Use this space to describe the most meaningful experiences you have had. Admissions committees are looking for quality, not quantity so do not worry if you have fewer than 15 experiences.

Some helpful tips:

  • Some experience types (presentations, posters, etc.) require only one date. For current experiences choose “until present.” If the activity is repeated (e.g., occurs each summer for multiple summers) list it just once and then use the space beneath the activity to describe the complete durations (e.g., number of weeks per summer and average hours per week.)
  • Do the same with multiple awards (e.g., report awards once and then describe multiple awards in the box beneath.)
  • If you are a member of an organization include information such as meetings per week or semester and why you joined the group. If you held multiple positions, list the experience once and describe the positions in the box beneath.
  • You do not need to repeat information in the description box that has already been listed in the boxes (e.g., organization name, contact name.)
  • If you are listing a research experience that extends through the summer and academic year, be sure to indicate the weeks and average hours per week appropriately (e.g., full-time in the summer, 10 hours per week during the academic year.)
  • Publications that are in preparation or that have been submitted should be included in the description of your research experience. Only list publications that have been accepted (i.e., in print) or that have been published in a separate “publications” box.

The two-year plan form outlines the four remaining semesters in the applicant’s undergraduate career, showing which course requirements remain for the major and the general education requirements, as well as those courses that are unique to the applicant’s proposal elements. Each course will be identified as one of the following: Major; Minor; General Education Requirement (GER); Proposal Elective – any non-major course essential to the proposal, explained in the essay (PE); Free Elective – any course not tied to the proposal or a major or minor (FE).

The proposal essay narrates the applicant’s plans in their 3rd and 4th years.  The proposal should be grounded in academic coursework but can be supplemented with co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. It should demonstrate your commitment to medicine and related to some aspect of healthcare. The essay should be limited to one page, single spaced, approximately 5300 characters.

Downloadable documents:

application form
activities & experiences form

activities & experiences form for Mac users

two-year plan and essay form

recommendation request form

proposal change request form