Postbac Program Course Offerings

Updated January 2021

Class NameCourse #CreditsSemester Offered
Foundations in Biology I+ Lab
Concepts in biochemistry, cell & molecular biology, genetics, and development.
BIOL 103
BIOL 113
5Fall, Spring, Summer
Biology+Lab (please see options below)VariesVaries
General Chemistry I+LabCHEM 001
CHEM 009
5Fall, Summer
General Chemistry II+LabCHEM 002
CHEM 010
5Spring, Summer
Organic Chemistry I+LabCHEM 115
CHEM 117
5Fall, Summer
Organic Chemistry II+LabCHEM 116
CHEM 118
5Spring, Summer
Principles of Physics I+Lab PHYS 1015Fall, Summer
Principles of Physics II+LabPHYS 1025Spring, Summer
Biological Chemistry+LabBIOL 1514Fall, Spring, Summer
Calculus (may need to take Calculus w/ Review first)MATH 035
(MATH 031)
4 (3)Fall, Spring
StatisticsMATH 0404Fall, Spring

Second Biology and Upper Biology Electives with Labs

Class NameCourse #CreditsSemester Offered
Foundations in Biology II+ Lab
Evolution and Ecology
BIOL 104
BIOL 114
5Fall, Spring, Summer
Genetics+LabBIOL 1524Fall
Mammalian Physiology+LabBIOL 175
BIOL 176
Microbiology+Lab (online only)BIOL 361
BIOL 364


Class NameCourse #CreditsSemester Offered
Cell BiologyBIOL 3633Fall
NeurobiologyBIOL 1954Spring
General PsychologyPSYC 0013Fall, Spring

Coursework in other undergraduate departments may be taken after consultation with a pre-health advisor.