The Office of Pre-Health Advising is committed to supporting the next generation of health care professionals in their journey toward their desired careers. This work is achieved through individual advising, educational programming, and financial support for the health professions applications and interview process for our students. We especially seek to support disadvantaged students and those underrepresented in the health professions. Your support for this work is essential and deeply appreciated. Your gift may go to the following causes:

1. Contribute to a scholarship fund for disadvantaged students completing the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate Program at Georgetown University. These are students who have completed their Bachelor’s degrees and are now looking to make a career change into the health professions. They bring their wealth of life experience and unique skills to their chosen profession. A 2015 AAMC report showed a dire lack of diversity in the medical profession in the United States. Our office aims to support diverse, underrepresented in medicine and disadvantaged applicants via financial assistance toward their Certificate program tuition costs.

2. Contribute to a scholarship fund for undergraduate disadvantaged students toward their application costs for medical or dental school. The medical or dental school application process can be extremely cost-prohibitive for applicants, contributing to the disparities seen in the pool of applicants and in the healthcare professions. This disparity affects the quality of care for patients everywhere, but especially in disadvantaged communities. Between exam preparation costs, application fees and interview travel expenses, the application process can cost over $4,000 or more. Our office aims to support diverse, underrepresented in medicine and disadvantaged medical and dental school applicants via financial assistance to help cover expenses associated with application costs.

3. Support advising activities of the Office of Pre-Health Advising. These include costs of programming for pre-health students such as inviting speakers for panels, networking opportunities, educational workshop resources and purchasing exam study materials to have available in the Pre-Health Library for students.

4. Other: please indicate where you would like us to use your contribution.

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