How to Apply

Applicants for the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Med Certificate Program must have completed a four year undergraduate degree at a US or Canadian University with a GPA of at least 3.2, and evidenced ability to succeed in college-level science courses. Applicants who have not completed one year of college math, consisting of either Calculus I and II, or Calculus I and a Statistics course, will be expected to complete these courses within the certificate program. Students who are currently enrolled as undergraduates may apply to the program but matriculation cannot occur without an awarded undergraduate degree.

We admit up to approximately 30 students for summer or fall start dates and a few students for spring semester in certain limited circumstances (i.e., students who need to take a math class or who have the first semester of a required lab courses such as physics, chemistry, or biology may request a spring semester start date).

The following materials are required for completion of the application:

  • the completed application form submitted online
  • official transcripts of all college work (mailed directly to Pre-Health Programs, Georgetown University, 108 White-Gravenor, Washington, DC 20057)
  • a one-page essay describing your interest in pursuing a career in medicine and relevant information about your undergraduate education and work experience
  • a one-page resume
  • one letter of recommendation
  • SAT or ACT test results may be included (but are not required)
  • a $75.00 application fee (we currently accept checks or money orders only)

To apply for the PostBaccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate Program, complete the online application by using this link:

The application for 2018 will open September 14, 2017.   Apply for the term for which you would like to start your studies.

For entry to Spring 2018 term
preferred application submission deadline - October 15, 2017
classes begin - January 10, 2018

For entry to Summer 2018 term
preferred application submission deadline - January 15, 2018
classes begin - June 4, 2018

For entry to Fall 2018 term
preferred application submission deadline* - March 15, 2018:  this has been extended as we are negotiating linkage agreements with several medical schools to be in place for fall 2018.  The names of these medical schools will be added to this website as agreements are signed. 

Classes begin  August 29, 2018

Application review will begin after the stated preferred deadline. Applications and materials (i.e., payment, transcripts, letters of recommendation) may be submitted after the application deadline. However, applications will not be reviewed until all the required materials are received by our office. We encourage you to submit your application by the preferred deadlines to ensure adequate review time and seat availability.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all required materials are received.  You will not receive notices or reminders about missing materials.  To see the status of receipt of materials (including the letter of recommendation) please log in to the application site. Please do not submit additional materials besides those that are requested in the application.