Prospective Post-Bac FAQs

I have an undergraduate degree but it’s not in math or science. I also lack applicable work experiences in the health care field. Will this disqualify me from consideration?

Most of our post-bac students come from non-science majors and/or careers. We are typically looking for students who have completed fewer than half of the undergraduate requirements for medical, dental, or veterinary school. If admitted, you must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours to receive a certificate and review by the Georgetown pre-medical recommendation committee. Post-bac students are also expected to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 while completing the requisite coursework.

Will the PBPM program serve my goals if I have already completed all required courses for Med School as an undergraduate?

If you have completed all or most of the required undergraduate pre-medical courses, even if it was many years ago, you are better served by the Georgetown Special Master’s Program ( Generally speaking, it is not recommended that a you retake undergraduate pre-med courses, but rather, that you take advanced courses to demonstrate competency.

Can I repeat individual courses that I’ve completed as an undergraduate?

We do not advise repeating individual courses. A student will be better served by taking advanced courses to demonstrate competency.

Does a 3.1 undergraduate GPA automatically disqualify me from consideration into the PBPM program?

We have admitted students with a 3.1 undergraduate GPA, but this is not common. Exceptions have been made in some limited instances under these circumstances:

  • Overall GPA is low but grades in any biology, math, chemistry, or physics courses are good.
  • Overall GPA is low, student did not take any biology, chemistry, physics, or math courses, AND student has been away from undergraduate studies for at least two or more years.

We are not able to “pre-review” a student’s transcript to comment on the likelihood of success with an application. A full application must be submitted for review.

Despite having a competitive undergraduate GPA, my math and science grades are just average. How much will this impact my chances for admission into the PBPM program?

Generally speaking, the program expects undergraduate math and science grades to be at 3.2 or above. When you apply to medical school, the application will report your grade point average in several ways: your overall undergraduate GPA, your undergraduate “science” GPA (all courses in biology, physics, chemistry, and mathematics), your undergraduate non-science GPA, and your postbac GPA in all of those categories. Post baccalaureate coursework is included in the “undergraduate total” GPA as well as in a separate “Post baccalaureate” GPA. Therefore, while it is the case that a PBPM program will provide an opportunity to take the pre-med courses and demonstrate proficiency and competency in science courses, it is not completely independent of your undergraduate GPA.

Can I use the PBPM to raise my overall undergraduate GPA before I apply to Med School?

We do not admit students seeking to improve their undergraduate gpa, our program is for “career changers.”

What is the acceptance rate for the PBPM program?

We do not keep separate acceptance information for post-bacs. The five year average for acceptances to medical school for Georgetown students ranges from 70-80%.

Can I apply as an international student?

Foreign applicants are cautioned to do significant research on the likelihood of their success applying to US medical schools before applying to any program. 

Foreign citizens and future medical school applicants without an undergraduate degree from a US institution may face formidable challenges. It is very difficult for students who are not permanent residents at the time of application to secure a place in a United States medical school and no federal financial aid is available for students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States either for post-baccalaureate or medical school costs. Additionally, most U.S. medical schools prefer applicants who received their undergraduate training, especially in the pre-medical sciences, from institutions of higher education in the United States. Some medical schools may only require the pre-medical science requirements be completed in the United States, but others may require additional credits from a US institution or a bachelor’s degree earned in the United States. 

Can I connect with first-year students prior to my acceptance into the program?

We do not provide student contact information to applicants. Once a student is admitted current students are available to answer questions by individual request.

Can I schedule an appointment with a pre-medical advisor prior to my acceptance into the program?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer advising appointments to students prior to acceptance.

How can I schedule a campus tour?

We do not offer campus tours to applicants. However, a self-guided tour of the campus can be found at this link:

Are there any linkage programs to any medical schools?

We have linkages with Georgetown, George Washington University, New York University, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and University of Pittsburgh. 

Can I attend classes at night?

Classes are only offered during the day.